Weighing anchor from Tiger fruit Port.

Leaving from dock N° 2, called “The osiers”, situated on the corner of Sarmiento and Buenos Aires streets, the only dock outside the Fruit Port.

Making the outing on board of modern boats, it lasts about one hour and a half, by different four rivers, without intermediate stops. It is 22 KM approximately, inside the first section of Tigre islands. They are limited by Paraná de las Palmas river, Lujan river, Arias channel and River Plate.
By Lujan river

It is the border between the Tigre city and Delta zone, here we can see a lot of shipyard, yachting harbour and club, this outing border on Tigre city and San Fernando city.

Sarmiento river.

We become to sail by the islands sailing approximately 8 KM. In 40 minutes, where you can watch typical island housing, built on piles, too much vegetation on the coast, trees as Creole willow, pines, casuarinas, plane, form a contrast with reddish colours in autumn and luxuriant foliage in spring and summer; here we can find private club, resorts, tourist hotel, huts, restaurant and for example the Sarmiento museum built in 1855 It was concerning to the president D.F.SARMIENTO.

Today is opening as a library and historical place for us, it can be visited, then we go on by the “THREE MOUTH” excellent zone of building and service with restaurants, huts zone, etc. In this area, we also find a kindergarten and a primary school used by inhabitants of the place.
San Antonio river.
It is one of the most depth rivers, in which you will be able to appreciate in general weekend cottages, resort, private beach and water sports schools. It is paymaster as “National ski-run”. At the end, our outing by the river we can value the mouth of the River Plate; also we can see a beautiful view of Capital city and San Isidro city, besides the San Isidro cathedral.

Linking channel

Built by the man 50 years ago, for that, you cannot find building. You can see exuberant and beauty typical delta vegetation, this channel is used for link two areas of too many traffic boats. 
Coming back from this beautiful trip along the Lujan river again, boarding San Fernando city and in front some naval shipyards.

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